Playing on flight simulator games is the best way to experience cruising the skies without actually getting into a real life airplane! Its great to have the fun & gain the experience of flying a plane in a simulator, but you can actually use the flight simulation game to learn how to fly as real life training too! This is what the FAA does. They use THIS ACTUAL flight sim game to train their pilots up, before they are even allowed into a real plane. Click here to go to the official site to see screenshots and get the download link.

This game is now recognized as the most realistic, professional airplane simulator game available. Used by serious, professional pilots and gamers alike, this is the most immersive, visually stunning flight sim game you can get.

You don't just get to fly in airplanes either. You can choose from a variety of different aircraft - up to 200+ different models of airplane and helicopter and jets. You also get to choose your location, from a huge variety of real life settings, all mapped in amazing detail. You can even land in a variety of airports from around the world - all are stunningly realistic and look just like the real thing!

You get full access to the cockpit of the aircraft and can operate it, switch by switch, just as you would in the real thing. You can take off, refuel, land and sail the skies just as you please in amazing detail.

Everyone who has played this game agrees that it is the best in the industry and makes other flight sim games look pathetic. The amount of detail and realism you experience when playing this game are second to none and its like nothing you can find in other sim games.

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